Vehicle Tech

When you buy a new car, it comes with a warranty from the factory to cover premature component malfunctions and failures. The terms of the factory warranty will vary based upon the make, model, and manufacturing year. While most people trust their manufacturer's warranty, there is a higher level of distrust regarding extended vehicle protection plans because of the dishonest marketing of plans by some companies, the financial instability of others, and the perceived lack of benefits provided by most plans. However, there are reputable companies backing plans with some extra perks that go above and beyond what factory warranties cover.

To be clear, extended vehicle protection plans aren't meant to compete with factory warranties. In most cases, autos covered by a bumper-to-bumper warranty have no need for additional coverage. These extended plans are intended to provide coverage after the factory warranty expires. Here are two ways how they provide better coverage than your factory warranty.

1. Service with Any ASE Certified Mechanic
Factory warranties require the covered auto go to the dealership for service and repair work. This isn't always convenient. Plus, what if the dealership is too busy to begin repairs right away when an ASE certified mechanic with a reputable, independent service station can complete the work immediately? With extended vehicle protection plans, auto owners have greater flexibility for service.

2. More Than Just Parts and Labor
When an auto breakdown occurs, there are often costs in addition to parts and labor. Breakdowns are never convenient, especially if the driver experiences a problem and has to pull over on the side of the road or on the freeway. This can add extra costs for emergency assistance and towing. Plus, if the dealership is busy or has to wait to have a replacement part shipped in, the auto could end up in the shop for a week or more. Most people can't afford to be without transportation for this extended period of time and dealerships can't afford to provide loaner vehicles to all customers. Most extended plans come with rental car coverage.